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Youtube Endscreen Sony Vegas pro

Created using Adobe After Effects CS5.5 and converted to work with Sony Vegas Pro and Premiere Pro. This new YouTube Endscreen template is editable in all the software named above.

Of course the main and full customization options will be available using After Effects CS5.5 or above. Sony Vegas user can edit the text layers or use the pre-rendered versions directly. As for Premiere Pro, you will need the latest version of the software, to take advantage of the Essential Graphics feature.

To avoid boring you with a very long tutorial on how to edit the template, I will specify some of the most important bits right here for Sony Vegas Pro and Premiere Pro.

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How to.

Sony Vegas Pro YouTube Endscreen Template.

Will start off with Sony Vegas Pro first. Once you downloaded the project file from my Sellfy Store extract the files from the archive using WinRar on Unzip, in Windows 10 you don’t necessarily need those programs.

Sony Vegas Pro YouTube Endscreen Template tutorial

Right after you opened the project file in Sony Vegas, at the bottom you will see 3 layers. The video itself and 2 other text layers. If you look closely you will see a small film strip icon(Generated Media icon). Click on that and on the window that pops up you can edit the text.

Repeat the previous step for the second text layer and you are done and ready to render your outro.

Premiere Pro YouTube Endscreen Template.

In Premiere Pro you will have much more control, using the Essential Graphics feature. This will require Premiere Pro 2017 or above.

Start editing your video and at the end of the video add the template. Go at the top and select the Graphics Tab Workspace.

Premiere Pro Youtube Endscreen template tutorial

If you selected the Graphics Tab, the workspace will look like the photo above. Assuming you have the latest Premiere Pro version. So, to import the template is quite simple. At the bottom right you have a small square icon with a plus sign. Clicking on that will allow you to import the file provided.

Once you did that, type Youtube in the search box to find it more easily. Now click and drag the file right at the end of your project. To change colors and the text, make sure you have the template selected. Then click on the edit panel. Here you have all sorts of options. You can hide certain parts of the design, edit colors and change the texts.

Premiere Pro Youtube Endscreen template tutorial 2

When you finish customizing the outro you are ready to render your project. A small tip, the visibility tabs could hide the background images or social media icons, for instance.

In case you wonder why the texts look different at your end, it’s because of the fonts used. I prepared a fonts pack with every font I have on my machine. You can download it for free here. This way you can preserve the same look.

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