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Amazing TOP 10 Free 2D Intro TemplatesPosted by On

I gathered ten of the most awesome and amazing free 2d intros that I found on YouTube. The 2D library is getting rather thin these days with all the 3D epileptic inducing Intros that circle YouTube.

I would highly recommend that you support and credit the original creators of these awesome templates. Each of the links down below will direct you directly to the creator’s video where you will get to download, and maybe see how to edit some of these templates.

A simple link to the original creator’s website, YouTube channel, Social Media, etc. Would make a difference and would help them out. They go a long way to create and make all these awesome templates available for FREE so anyone can use them on their YouTube Channel.

Some of the templates are for Adobe After Effects and some are available without any text and can be used in any software(Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, etc).


Because I am doing this to promote the channels listed in this video/article the “download links” will be the creator’s original video, so you will have to follow his/her’s request regarding from where and how to download. I will not intervene in that regard.


The music used for this video is for presentation purpose only and it’s not included with any of the downloads. You will have to search and add your own preferred sounds. Enjoy!

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