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Download Sellfy files Featured Post Image

This tutorial will help you download Sellfy files.

I will show you two simple ways to download Sellfy files, these instructions will apply to my templates and any other files from Sellfy.

You can download Sellfy files as a user and as a “visitor”. Both techniques work and are quite easy to understand.

Non-user Instructions.

Once you “land” on my blog, at the bottom of each blog post you will find a green download button like this one.

Download Button - download sellfy files

Sellfy non-users say they don’t recieve the download link email. This usualy is caused by fake email addresses or misspelled email address. Pay attention when you type.

Web browser blocking extensions may also be an issues.(Ad-block, Pop-up block, etc). Consider pausing them while you download Sellfy files.

Download Image Sellfy File

Here you have the product/file page, on On the right side, you have a price and a download button.

For free products/files, you will have to type 0(Zero) in the price box. Of course, any amount you would like to pay is accepted and appreciated. Zero if you want to download the files for free.

Sellfy Store Check Out

On checkout, it’s very important that you input a valid email address in the email box. Sellfy will send you a download link for your inbox. Make sure you check and write your email address correctly.

Sellfy Email Notification

All remaining now to do is to check your email inbox(check the spam folder also, you never know.)

You will receive an email directly to your inbox, looking something like this image below. Now you can easily save your files directly to your computer using the direct download button or the link.

User Instructions.

My honest opinion. This would be the easiest way to download Sellfy files. The process for a user is the same for a non-user as well.

This option gives you an extra download option through your account and saves your purchases as well. In case you ever lose your purchases from your computer you have them available at any time.

Once you choose the needed file you want to download, on the top right-hand corner, click on the account bubble. Go to “My Purchases”, here you will see each and every file you ever downloaded from Sellfy.

Sellfy Purchases Panel

On your purchases page the last downloaded file will be at the top. Just click on the green download button.

Sellfy Purchases Download

Once you finish with all this you will have two options available to download your files. A direct download way and a dropbox download option. Choose the one you like.

Sellfy Direct Download

I personally recommend that you make an account, it’s much easier to access your downloads and you could also start selling your digital products later or right away.

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