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Totally forgot about these top 10 countdown free templates I had “laying around”. My intention was to release them at some point in time but totally forgot about them.

Get your own copy of this new countdown free template. You don’t need any software to use/edit the files. All of the videos you saw in the presentation video are pre-rendered and are ready to use. Just import said videos in your project and start using them, its that simple.

You won’t have to deal with any Adobe After Effects project files since there aren’t any. That means editing these videos will be impossible.

You get two sets of videos, each set contains ten individual numbered video. So you can go ahead an make your own top 5/ top 10 videos.


Each video has audio attached to it. In case you don’t like the music used for these countdown videos make sure you disable the audio. As for the music in the presentation video, all detail and links are available in the video description.

A brief info about the download link. It contains ads (5 second wait time, 9-10 if you are an Adblock user). After the countdown, you will be redirected to a download page. Where you will get to download your videos.


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